Nirjhari Crafts Hand Emroidered Cotton Camel Cushion Cover Set Pack of 4

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  • Pure cotton
  • 100% handmade work
  • Durable
  • color fastening
  • Cost-effective
  • Trendy
  • sustainable

Material: 100% Cotton
Dimensions: 40cm x 40cm
Shape: Square
Weight: 460g

Rajasthani Handwork and Design on this pure cotton cushion cover is a testament to the rich cultural heritage and artistry of Rajasthan, India. Crafted with the utmost care and precision, this cushion cover showcases a stunning blend of traditional techniques and contemporary design.

The patchwork and reverse appliqué techniques employed in this creation not only exemplify the exquisite craftsmanship but also narrate the stories of the skilled artisans who have been passing down their knowledge through generations. The intricate detailing of these methods is a visual delight, adding texture and depth to the cover's design.

The focal point of this cushion cover is a beautifully embroidered camel, an iconic symbol of the Rajasthan desert. The camel's elegant presence brings a touch of the desert's mystique to your living space.

What sets this cushion cover apart is that it is 100% handmade, ensuring that each piece is unique and carries the personal touch of the artisan. The use of pure cotton guarantees both durability and colorfastness, making it a practical addition to your home decor. This handwork and design on the cushion cover is not only cost-effective but also follows sustainable practices, making it an eco-friendly choice. Its trendy and timeless design will effortlessly blend with any decor style, while its cultural roots make it a conversation starter. Add a touch of Rajasthan to your home with this exceptional piece of art that celebrates tradition, craftsmanship, and sustainability.
Material 100% Cotton
Dimensions 40cm x 40cm
Shape Square
Weight 460g

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